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Welcome to The Provincialist + Notes on Slow Living

Fall is here! It hardly seems possible that Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) and Christmas are just around the corner. On a sartorial note, this season is one I most look forward to each year. Jeans + chunky knits, boots + that special coat tucked away in the very back of your closet just waiting for the first chill in the air, and a sense of purpose when getting dressed each morning. For me, the beginning of Fall is a season marked with change and renewed hope. As a new mama, the passing of seasons is bittersweet. My son, Charlie, is almost six months old, and I marvel at both how the days seem to fly by and how they sometimes feel never-ending (#teething). Here’s to filling each day — no matter how long they may seem — with thoughtfulness and intention.

A few weekends ago, we escaped to the mountains for an impromptu getaway with close family friends. We slept in, drank coffee, watched sunrises + sunsets, talked for hours on end, and simply enjoyed living slow without the hustle and pressures of daily life.

Slow living inevitably means many things to many people. For some, slow living means more, and for some it means less. For me, slow living is about simple pleasures — slow mornings with family, frequent travel, the means + ability to support and buy the work of artisans who make sustainable clothing + goods, and being rich in time. It’s deciding what is important — family, friends, travel, meaningful work — and giving yourself and your time wholly to those things. Good things take time, and that is what slow living is all about — time abundance.

And so, welcome to The Provincialist. You’ll find lots of things here — musings on family, sustainable style + fashion, wellness, travel, and my journey towards minimalism (as a lifestyle, not an aesthetic). Real life — raw, un-staged, and authentic — is grand, and I want to share things here that add meaning and beauty to life. I hope you’ll be inspired to define what slow living means to you and chase after it with reckless abandon.

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