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January 1, 2019

Happy New Year, friends. As I think back on the past twelve months, the spectrum of emotions I feel are nothing short of confounding. The past year has been full: abundant in goodness, not lacking in challenges, and full of lessons. I birthed my son, assumed the role of motherhood, became a full-time working mama, launched my blog, and partnered with some incredible brands.

My New Year’s resolution last year was simple: to be more mindful and present, especially as I entered the season of motherhood, and this year, I hope to lean deeper into that resolution. Intentional motherhood, like intentional living and all things, is a daily practice. Time passes so quickly, and I have to remind myself daily to slow down, pause, reflect upon, and cherish these fleeting moments.

Whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned pro, parenthood — especially for anyone who strives towards minimalism + intentionality — can be a frustrating learning curve. As a new mama with an infant, I struggled to find the simplest of baby products — diapers + wipes — that married form with function, all while being safe, eco-friendly, and chic.  And then, I discovered Parasol.

Parasol has revolutionized the diaper industry by offering one of the softest and thinnest diapers on the market, detailing their ingredients, and bringing ethical transparency to their supply + manufacturing chain. I’m honored to partner with Parasol to share more about their incredible diapers (hint: we’ve used Parasol diapers since Charlie was born and LOVE them). It’s such an honor to work with a brand I admire as much as Parasol — there isn’t a thing about their brand or products that I’m not in love with, and when they asked me to create some holiday content, I was thrilled! Their diapers are gorgeous (those prints!); hypoallergenic and free from: alcohol, bleach, chlorine, dyes, paragons, phthalates, latex and heavy metals; and eco-friendly + sustainably produced with the highest environmental standards in mind. Most importantly, they allow Charlie to be his hilarious, active self in 100% comfort + style (#momapproved).

Check out Parasol’s Instagram feed for cute baby overload + chic parenting inspiration!

This post was written in partnership with Parasol Co. All opinions, text, and photos are my own. Thank you for supporting the partnerships that allow The Provincialist to produce high quality content.

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