T h e  P r o v i n c i a l i s t  is an online journal devoted to slow living — to being fully present, living with intention and purpose, and making much of the beauty in everyday, ordinary life.

This space celebrates reverence and irreverence. Simplicity and complexity. Exotic and familiar. Sacred and mundane. Extraordinary moments lived and everyday tasks done with thoughtfulness and care.

The beauty of life is that it is ephemeral. Temporal. Here and now. So live — make the most of it. Breathe in the changing tides. Savor every scent, every texture, every detail. Be happy for this moment.

adj. of or concerning a province of a country or empire.

Bad grammar, small talk, weak coffee, male privilege, bad overhead lighting, cheap candles, disappointing chinese takeout, running out of sweet tea, lifetime movies...


dirty martinis, puppy snuggles, genuine laughter, neutrals, copper patina, lazy saturday mornings, dry shampoo...